Life insurance – is it time to review your plans?

18th October 2018

We all experience life-changing events such as moving to a new home and taking out a bigger mortgage, getting married, having children, retiring, but how many of us remember to update our protection policies to cover the financial commitments these all bring to our lives? It’s easy to overlook the need to review your cover when your life moves into a different gear.

Do you have the right type of cover for your needs?

However, forgetting to review your cover could mean that your family wouldn’t have sufficient money to repay the mortgage and meet the bills if something unexpected were to happen to you. It could also be the case that the type of policy you currently have has been superseded and there may now be more costeffective options available to you.

Life insurance policies combined with other cover can protect your finances, your home, and your family in the event of incapacity, a serious illness, an accident or death, so it’s important to make sure that as your life changes, your cover changes to match your circumstances.